Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Ever Won Programming Competition :)

23/08/2008 (COMBAT 08 The first Ever, And yes we made history :) ).

A starter for me and my team (abeer arshad, asad abbas), it was not just like other Sundays as this was the Sunday meant for some reason, i woke up just like other Sundays but a little early as today i have to attend a programming competition. So i woke up at about 10 o' clock in the morning felt very lazy to go at a place which i don't even know the address of :) . But some how managed my self and splashed my eyes with water, i had a pain of last night at my neck as the slap was really hard(last night). When i went down in my colony, i wished that , "kash koi hota jo PAF KEIT chordh daita, ab khuwaar hona pardhe ga". But i didn't got dishearten and had a rikhshaw to take me to PAF KEIT taking asad from house, without knowing where it was, i told the riskshaw wala bhai, can u plz take me to PAF KEIT he told me, that one which is near baloch colony, i told yes yes. Somehow we reached there and got to know that we were going wrong and so went to the correct path as told by others that was PAF BASE FAISAL, so reaching there we faced a reality that, the destination we reached was not the correct one we have to go to korangi for that :O, felt too tiring. But we didn't got down, we gave the riskshaw wala bhai 150 Rs. as he had travelled a way too hard for us ... ! then we caught marwat(a mini bus) from there reached baloch colony fly over, then got into S2(another mini bus) and went to hino chorangi seen first time by me in my life time and suddenly from there we realized where to go :S, then we made a call to atif bhai, thanx to my mobile that was safe after the last nights event :), atif bhai told us go to hino chorangi and make a left turn from there and then follow the way to KEIT, while the other people on the road told not to go right and move straight towards the crossing where we will find the PAF KEIT's way a bit easier than this road, we were really in a trouble where to go, now the time was about 12:00pm in afternoon. after inquiring further for the correct path, we went into F11 (another mini bus) towards crossing :) an uncle was laughing at us, as if we were mad moving here and there, oh mine that uncle's smile was really awesome and made us really smile on that tiring day :) Finally we somehow reached the crossing and then asked a police man for the futher way, he told us to get into another mini bus know as H, we did what he said, oh it was really a tought way even tougher than getting to FAST in bhainscolony ;), after half an hour we finally reached PAF KEIT, oh man we thanked allah that we reached our destination in todays day :), when we got in at the registration desk, we inquired what is the status of the programming competition in which we took part, he told us oh man u are almost 1:30 hours late, man we got down and said, "mashallah ab ander ja ker kia kerain gai, wapis hi aayen gai", but we still made our way inside and there we found out that the competition was not started yet :), we again thanked allah for that.

Now its 15 minutes late, and finally the programming competition is about to start start, hehe we were told that the competition is of about 4 hours, so we went to washroom and _____ out .... ! i think everyone can understand :) . Then on returning we got our question paper and started to work on it, suddenly we found out that the first 3 questions were really easy :) so we tried to do that first, i started to code the first one while abeer and asad were doing their second and third one :), at 18 mins we got out question done :) submitted the second one to do that, but uncertainly we got our question wrong :S , i thought there was some mistake in my code, tried other examples in it, and came to know that there were no errors, the judges were really stupid to check our questions, they corrected us 6 times and at the seventh they excepted the same code as was written in the first try, i was shocked what happened man, we claimed that we were correct at the first one as we didn't changed the code yet, and we got success they made our first try correct :) we were the first ones that submitted that, then asad completed his question, we made that one to have a complete check so that no one can re claim that we were wrong and then submitted that too, now came our abeer bhai, oh man he is really a reverse engineer, he encoded the formula from answer that is he made the question out of the answer and then we again checked the program and then submitted it too :)

after 15 mins we got the confirmation that we got those two also correct, now it was just 1:30 hours passed, and we were done with the three questions :) isn't that gr8 ???? Then we started to have some fun and started to solve the fourth one, suddenly we realized that the name of FAST was on top and our team was the first one to finish those three questions at earliest :) can u imagine :) we were really thankful to Allah but the next two question were really tough enough to solve, but we tried really hard for that, the question were related to graph :( and we didn't remember the algorithm for that :'(, and certainly we gave 1:30 more hours to it but at no avail :( then we saw that PAF KEIT was at the first now :( that was a bit disheartening but no tensions we some how managed to be calm and be on a common goal now it was 3:30 hours passed by and we were on second and the score card flashed out as just half an hour was remaining and we prayed to Allah that plz, do not make us down plz at least not today :) and we chilled the last half an hour we were having hands on with C#, we tried some regular expression and some language tool stuff, finally the time was over and there was a suspense that who will be the second one :O. After 1:00 hour from that we were called by the TPS (Software house's head) he said u are team 4 members ??? we introduced ourself to them and then told them that we were in semester 5th, on other thoughts agar 7th main hote to job confirm thi yaar :D . But it was not the correct time, now we met the gr8 ali bhai the sponsor of Event, remember that ali bhai from NUVICA PAKISTAN. He was well dressed but we were not liking him that way so as the time went we made a real gr8 fun out of him, oh man he must be giving me the bad words as soon as he reached his home back :), well back to the event we had the fun for about 4 - 5 hours and at 9PM the closing ceromony took place.

Now we were at real tension of who will win from FAST as we got to know from somewhere that our another team was in the top three, we were just praying that plz Allah do not make us feel bad today plz at least not today and we started waiting for the results of Programming competition, and result finally was announced, First in the programming competition is PAF KEIT, it was no surprise but all the KEITians cheered as this was an acheivement to them, there team went to stage and got there prize and sheild .... ! Now the announcer started again and the Second Prize For The Programming competition goes to FAST - NU karachi, but its not enought as there were four teams from FAST karachi ............... ! we were still then they announced the team members asad abbas, abeer arshad, amir ali and hurrays ! my God we actually did it, we were still in a shock, is that really a truth ???? But then we realize oh yes it was :) and we also got a good appreciation from PAF KEITians :) although there was none of the FAST members to wish us :( but we were really proud of being a FASTian, this was the first time in my life i felt proud to be a FASTian :D, then we went to stage to have our prize :) and a wonderful shield, we were also announced an internship but do not know if we will have that or not :) but thats ok. Then after the ceremony we had a dinner, image with whom, it was the Mr. Sponsored By NUVICA Pakistan, our gr8 ali bhai :), jin ki take bohot hui hai :), Ali bhai maaro gai to nahi na. Yaad hai woh TPS ke baloons aur jhandiaan :), Then it was about 12 at night and we were feeling danger of getting robbed again, although we didn't had anything to be robbed but, literally i was not in a mood of getting another slap so we didn't waited for anyone there simply we had a taxi which was purely Sponsored By Nuvica Pakistan but a ten Rs. of mine so partially Sponsored by Amir Ali Jiwani ;), and we got to home safely with a check of double than our size, that was a demo check we will get the real money after 2 months :) but still the happiness of being second in overall pakistan is not just for money it is something else a feeling of comfort :)

Really it was the occasion that i truly celebrated with my family at about 2 am on that same night and subha uni ka tulla :) Is se acha aur kuch ho ga :)

Comments are most welcomed :)

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Ali Raza Shaikh said...

Congrats on your winning. I hope you continue this trend. BTW meri take hoo rahi thi kia? :P

Abeer ka kia haal hein, bolo ali bhai was asking about all 7 :)

and Sorry! i lost all your pictures because of this ( BTW who sponsored this? )